New Home Inspections Melbourne: Building & Property Inspectors

Protect the quality of your property investment with a thorough report from Melbourne’s most trusted independent building inspectors.

If it’s a quality new home you are after and not lame excuses from your builder, then you need to protect the large investment you are making in your new home. Enlist in the services of Melbourne’s most respected independent quality inspectors, New Home Inspections.

We specialise in the independent inspections of new homes, while under construction, at the hand-over stage and during their maintenance periods.

Our independent new home building inspectors have an uncompromising well trained eye for detail; each possessing over 30 years hands on experience in the residential building industry. Our team are fully versed and up to date with the Building Code of Australia (BCA/NCC), all relevant Australian Standards, the Victorian Building Authorities acceptable standards and tolerances, as well as individual product manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

Why choose us as your new independent home building inspector?

  • All of our inspectors have been registered builders in their own right and are qualified tradesmen, so they are very clear on how a home should be constructed.
  • They all have over 30 years’ hands on experience in the residential building industry.
  • We continually build on our inspectors many years of building experience, adding our own exhaustive in house training on all things technical, practical and contractual to do with the domestic building industry.
  • We are a truly independent inspection service – we work for you not for builders
  • Our inspections are the most thorough in the industry; our building reports are detailed comprehensive and proven to be effective.
  • We are the inspection firm that is respected by builders as being the best in the industry, the ones they refer to their family and friends – but never their own clients!
  • All of our inspectors have an intimate knowledge of the Building Code, Australian Standards, Building Acts and Regulations.
  • We specialise exclusively in new home inspections, making us Melbourne’s go-to experts for new home quality inspections.

At New Home Inspections we service all of Melbourne, including Cranbourne, Truganina, Lynbrook and Pakenham. Enlist the best in the business for pre contract document reviews, pre slab inspections,  all stage inspections and more; call 9708 2500 today!