Fixing / Waterproofing Home Inspection

This inspection is carried out after the builder has completed the waterproofing of the wet areas within your home. Given that incorrectly installed waterproofing systems remains one of the most problematic issues that home owners face, and the subsequent leaking showers and wet areas, an ever increasing number of our clients now want this inspection carried out to ensure that their wet areas have been properly waterproofed.

During this inspection we compare the waterproofing of the wet areas within your home with the BCA requirements as set out in Australian Standard AS 3740 Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas. All too often we are finding either incomplete systems or builders, who are wanting to save a few dollars, working to questionable alternative waterproofing systems!! Once identified, and armed with our detailed report, these incomplete and/or questionable systems can be addressed with your builder before they are covered over and hidden.

The rest of this inspection involves the checking of the plaster and cornice lines for straightness and levelness, and all corners, columns and recess for squareness. We will also check the hanging of your doors and the fixing of your door jambs, window frames, architraves and skirting boards. If completed and washed down we will also check the finish of your brickwork as well – if applicable.