New House Frame Inspections Melbourne

This inspection is carried out after the frame has been approved by the private Building Surveyor who was appointed by your builder. It is a more detailed inspection than the one carried out by the builders surveyor (who would normally only take 10-20 minutes and may have several hundred jobs on for your builder at any one time!!), and includes-

  • The checking of the as-poured concrete slab for any exposed steel around its perimeter; any blow-out along its edges that will potentially block the cavity width; as well as for any bottom plate overhang which if not rectified will allow rotation of the walls bottom plates.
  • The finish of the concrete is also checked for excessive cracking and/or dusting.
  • Floor levelness is also checked across each storey (whenever clear and where possible).
  • The checking of the constructed wall frames for their compliance with the Building Code, their plumbness and the correct installation of their bracing.
  • The checking of the roof truss installation and bracing.
  • We also systematically go through the approved engineering design to ensure that the as-built structure is compliant whenever these have been supplied to us.

Our Melbourne home inspectors will conduct a professional frame stage inspection report for your home.


House Frame Inspection Checklist: Problems & Mistakes