Pre Contract House Inspections Melbourne

New Home Inspections takes the hassle out of your contract stage, providing expert review and recommendations

Contracts can be confusing, misleading and, at times, confronting. New Home Inspections will decipher all your contract schedules, specifications and tenders, ensuring that they are fair, equitable and in line with industry practices. Our pre contract house inspection services will make recommendations on:

  • Build time
  • Incomplete schedule items
  • Agreed damages
  • Progress Payment Schedules
  • Unfair specification clauses
  • Hidden additional charges
  • Suspect alternative building methods
  • Prime Cost & Provisional Sum items
  • FFL’s – Finished Floor Heights relevant to boundaries and street line

With the peace of mind that your contract schedules, tender documents and general specifications have all been thoroughly and properly checked by us, all that’s left to do is finalise your designs and fixtures.

What’s after the pre contract house inspection? Call New Home Inspections on 9708 2500 for advice on your pre slab stage inspections, knock down rebuild services or our other inspection stages. We can assist right across Melbourne, including Cranbourne and the surrounds.

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