Pre Plaster Inspections

This inspection is carried out just prior to the plastering of the walls and ceilings. After the plumbers, electricians, heating, cooling and other contractors are finished with the installation of their pipe work and cabling, and after the carpenters have finished straightening the walls, hanging the external doors and fitting the shower bases and baths.

This inspection will pick up the changes and modifications that have been made to the framework of your new home, since the Frame was originally inspected. This is very important because most of the above mentioned trades will either cut, check into, or drill through any framing members that they need to, to get their service in, regardless of its importance.

The carpenters will plane back the edges of the studs to straighten the walls, often reducing them to below the minimum design size required. It is not uncommon for some of the diagonal bracing to be removed to allow for the installation of baths and/or other fixtures.

The pre plaster inspection requirements for your new home:

  • The wall frames for their compliance with the Building Code, their plumb and straightness and the correct installation of their bracing.
  • The window frames for correct installation.
  • The guttering, fascia and eaves for their level, straightness and correct installation.
  • The roofline and tile installation.
  • All shower bases are checked for correct installation in accordance with their manufacture’s guidelines.
  • All baths are checked for proper support.
  • Ducting for WC exhaust fans having been properly installed.
  • Timber door sills are properly flashed.

If the brickwork has been installed at this stage, it is also checked for:

  • Level, plumbness, straightness and to make sure that it is in alignment.
  • The proper placement of articulation joints, flashings and weepholes.
  • The correct clearances between the windows and the brick sills.
  • The correct bearing of the brick walls onto the concrete slab.
  • The cavities are check to ensure no build up of excessive mortar.
  • A simple strength scratch test is carried out on the mortar. Further testing may be recommended.

If installed, the insulation is also checked for its correct fitting along with any other 5 Star Energy compliance requirements.

Sample pre plaster reports


Issues created by contractors during your home construction in the pre plaster stage