Pre Slab Building Inspections in Melbourne

Gain peace of mind with New Home Inspections slab pre pour inspection services

Serious errors in floor slabs can have disastrous effects on your property, both short term and long term, and can often go unnoticed for years until they become extremely expensive and stressful to fix. The expert team at New Home Inspections will identify any issues with the construction of your slab before it is poured. We will inspect and report on issues surrounding:

  • Undersized materials
  • Incorrectly placed materials
  • Missing pads, beams and footings
  • Omissions or left out materials
  • Poor building practices
  • Lack of termite protection
  • Damaged vapour barrier membrane

It is vital to the slabs integrity, safety and design that a pre slab building inspection be carried out prior to the pouring of concrete. We ensure everything has been set up in compliance with the approved engineers design and drawings, the Building Code of Australia and other relevant codes and standards.

Serving across Melbourne, including the Cranbourne, Truganina, Lynbrook and Pakenham areas, New Home Inspection provides the expert service you need. Contact us today on 9708 2500 for trusted advice on pre contract inspection, rebuild inspection and our other inspection services.

What to expect in a slab pre pour inspection report


Common mistakes found during a pre pour inspection